Ceksan Shipyard

Çeksan Shipyard;

Çeksan Shipyard was founded in 1960 at Golden Horn of Istanbul.

Firstly, the company participated in marine business with construction and maintenance of small sized wooden and steel ships. Years after, Çeksan focused on construction of steel structures by re-organizing in 1979.

The Shipyard was moved to current location on Tuzla bay in 1986. In early 90's Çeksan showed a considerable development and reached its current situation with continual efforts. Investments are being carried on to provide better services to its customers.



 Here are some of our most recent news...

NB77 SKROVA was Launched Today.

 Thursday, March 25, 2021

NB77 - SKROVA was launched today. She will be delivered to Norway on 5th of April 2021


NB 73 was launched on saturday

 Monday, September 21, 2020

Our youngest daughter M/T IVYAN was launched on saturday, on 19th of September 2020.

M/T IVYAN is the youngest member of our fleet and the third sister of the our youngest vessels.





Ceksan Shipyard Intro

Çeksan Aerial View

NB62 M/F Kubilay Launching Movie