Maintenance, repairing and conversion are always performed as primary work since the establishment of Çeksan Shipyard and today, all are still carried out with total satisfaction. Therefore, we are offering knowledge, confidence and experiences of forty years to our customers, for all kinds of ships up to 25.000 DWT at pier service and up to 14.000 DWT in certain dimensions at docking service, with the most competitive and reliable prices in the market.

Today, Çeksan Shipyard is handling more than 50 vessels a year with 10 tons of steel processing per day. The shipyard is mainly equipped with a 122x8 pier and a floating dock of 139.5 m in length, 21.5 m in width and 5000 tons of lifting capacity.

We are providing all kinds of repairing and maintenance services for our worldwide customers including engine overhauling, shaft and propeller works, tank coating, pipe works, cleaning, SA-3 grid blasting, 1000 bars water blasting, painting, stainless steel works, aluminium works, insulation works and carpenter works.

Çeksan Shipyard will always be a strong partner in your race against time with high-quality workmanship and tailor-made solutions.

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