• We show sensitivity to the issues that concern the society and support them for the positive development of the society,
  • We aim to act with more sustainable activities in all business processes within the economic, social and environmental aspects,
  • We develop environmental policies and ensure their effective implementation,
  • We accept the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child thus, we do not employ and support child labour,
  • We do not support any political formation, we do not allow political propaganda and similar activities within the workplace borders,
  • We strongly condemn all kinds of illegal activities, we stand against any illegal structure, work and behaviour,
  • We respect the right of employees to join the authorized union and to enter into collective bargaining agreements,
  • We do not accept and offer any gifts that give the impression of the existence of an irregularity other than the materials given in accordance with the customs and traditions or as souvenir / promotional materials. We take measures to ensure that our employees and subcontractors do not attempt directly or indirectly any form of bribery,
  • As a single measure in recruitment and employment, we search for the competence appropriate for the job and provide equal opportunity without discrimination,
  • We hear different beliefs and opinions, we work in harmony,
  • We provide maximum benefit from the talents, power and creativity of the employees, we pay attention to the compliance with the legal conditions in overtime and observe the right of the employees to refuse,
  • We provide opportunities for the training, orientation and development of employees,
  • We provide a clean, healthy and safe working environment to our employees, we respect their right to avoid work,
  • We do not allow any disturbance and harassment in the workplace,
  • We respect the right of employees to join the authorized trade union and enter into collective bargaining agreements,
  • We respect the privacy of our employees and subcontractors and guarantee that no personal issues concerning persons will be disclosed,
  • We give clear, understandable and accurate information to our customers within the understanding of mutual trust, and aim to create a long-term trust environment,
  • We prioritize increasing customer satisfaction in sales and after-sales process,
  • We decide with objective criteria in supplier selection and aim to create mutual value in business relations.