Integrated Policy


Çeksan Shipbuilding Steel Construction Industry and Trade Inc. has constantly renewed itself since its establishment and has aimed to meet customer demands and needs in accordance with quality standards by transferring the technology required by the era.
In addition, our company aims to convey the corporate culture that is shaped within the framework of commercial and humane ethical values, focused on knowledge, experience, power and customer satisfaction, keeping its word to its stakeholders, to future generations, with the ability to adapt to the conditions of the day and foresee the potential future conditions.
The senior management has established the quality, environment and OHS policy, which includes the ways and strategies to be followed by the shipyard in order to achieve its main goals, ensured its continuity and communicated it to all its employees. It is the basis for establishing quality, environmental and OHS policy and objectives, and is also an assurance of all our work that the requirements of the Integrated management system will be complied with and continuously improved.
To take measures in case of an accident or emergency that may occur during our activities, to reduce OHS risks by eliminating hazards,
To comply with legal requirements and international agreements,
To ensure their participation by consulting the employees and their representatives within the framework of OHS requirements,
To prevent environmental pollution, reduce waste, and dispose of wastes, primarily recycling,
To use raw materials and energy resources effectively and efficiently for the protection of natural resources,
To increase our environmental performance by cooperating with our customers, suppliers, official institutions and stakeholders with whom we share the same environment.
To continuously improve our management systems according to internationally accepted standards
It has been adopted as a policy.
These policies and purposes are the most fundamental duty of our Çeksan Shipbuilding Steel Construction Industry and Trade Inc. and our employees and sincere
It is a commitment.